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The West Plains Connection: 6th/10th/12th Multimodal Corridor Improvement Project is focused on strengthening Airway Heights’ and Spokane’s economies. The extension of this corridor will create land-use growth opportunities within both cities and reduce traffic congestion along U.S. Route 2, benefitting residents, employers, and visitors. The project will establish a safe corridor to improve pedestrian and bicycle activities for commuting and recreating, as well as to provide convenient access to STA transit. Finally, this route will diversify travel choices throughout the area of the West Plains, allowing improved emergency response times and the quality of travel for those within the region. Project planning is underway, and the public is encouraged to participate in shaping the future of this community project.



The project will begin with the roadway alignment of 6th Avenue in Airway Heights, from Craig Road to Garfield Road. Garfield Road continues 0.25 miles to the point it connects with 10th Avenue. 10th Avenue will be extended 0.75 miles to connect with Hayford Road, where it converts to 12th Avenue. The final stretch would continue with the connection of 12th Avenue into the City of Spokane, from Deer Heights Road to Campus Drive. The project also includes intermittent widening of 6th and 12th Avenues and adding stoplights, roundabouts, or stoppings at various intersections. This will be a multi-phased project, developed over 5 to 10 years. Click below to see the map that shows the proposed corridor alignment.



The project team is asking for public opinion regarding a shared-use path on 6th Avenue that will provide safe access for pedestrians, cyclists, runners and more. Trees, greenery, and a median will transform existing streets into a neighborhood. Please take a moment to complete the survey and provide comment about how you would like to see these areas take shape.


The Cities of Spokane and Airway Heights, in conjunction with S3R3 Solutions, have hired T-O Engineering and assembled a qualified consultant team to begin planning of the West Plains Connection projects. The following estimated timeline provides a general overview of the project’s intended progression.



Community involvement is an important to developing a project that works well for the entire community. Please use the link below to take a survey and offer input about the way you would like to see the project take shape. You may also email Kristine at  Kristine@bigskypublicrelations.com with questions or comments about this project.

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The City of Airway Heights and the West Plains area are among the fastest growing areas in Washington. This project aims to provide access that will meet the demands of the growing community. The project intends to help reduce congestion along U.S. Route 2, by providing local travelers network diversity options. Finally, the goal of the project is to enhance travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, and those wishing to access STA transit.


The West Plains Connection project is a collaboration between representatives from both city and county government agencies, tribal leaders from Spokane and Kalispel Tribe of Indians, and local landowners. T-O Engineering is the primary lead on plan development, under the direction of S3R3 Solutions. S3R3 Solutions is a client-centered firm that marshals the resources of public and private service providers to recruit new and existing businesses into the West Plains public development area and drives economic prosperity through the creation of jobs. Big Sky Public Relations is the primary point of contact for the public during this planning phase. The project is supported by a team of additionally qualified engineers, land planners, and property specialist via support of Parametrix, GeoEngineers, Epic Land Solutions, Plateau Archaeological Investigations, and Leeland Consulting Group. Other notable stakeholders for the project include the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Spokane Regional Transportation Council, Spokane Transit Authority, Cheney School District, and Fair Child Air Force base.



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6th Avenue

Option One

6th Avenue

Option Two

Garfield Road

10th Avenue

12th Avenue

12th Avenue



The project team is lobbying local private and public resources to take advantage of state and transportation grant and loan opportunities.



Grant Submittal, Phase I – August 2020

Grant award, Phase I – November 2020

Phase I Permitting  – Summer 2021

Phase I Design – Fall of 2021

Phase I Project Bid – early spring 2022

Phase I Construction – spring/summer of 2022

Four to Six Additional Design/Construction Phases – 5 to 10 years desired, pending funding



This project aims to improve access to the Spokane and Kalispell Tribe of Indians properties for new development along the corridor, improve access to other undeveloped or underdeveloped properties, and improve response times for Fairchild Airforce base by reducing local traffic from U.S. Route 2. Access to new and existing businesses will encourage development and strengthen the area economy.

 Adding both recreational and commuter routes will allow for multimodal access as well as provide Spokane Transit authority alternate travel to maintain route schedules. By adding new travel options, congestion can be relieved, and safety improved on Highway 2.



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